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Take your living space to new heights with the enduring strength and timeless elegance of structural steel. Structural steel offers the opportunity to elevate your home with a perfect fusion of durability and exquisite design, allowing both grand and intricate architectural possibilities to come to life.

From the support of steel beams and cantilevers, to the resilience of our saddles and lintels, we help you make a design statement — while also upholding the highest standards of structural integrity.

R&R STEEL FAB INC, Tucson’s Superior Steel Fabrication and Erection Company

We take great pride in delivering excellence and innovation that goes above and beyond industry standards. With over 28 years of experience, our reputation speaks for itself when it comes to precision steel fabrication, exceptional quality, and unmatched customer satisfaction.

When you choose R&R STEEL FAB INC for your luxury residential home, you gain access to a dedicated team of highly skilled fabricators and erectors who bring their expertise and passion to every project. We have the expertise to provide durable steel solutions that uphold the integrity of your design.

Our meticulous attention to detail helps luxury homeowners transform their property dreams into a reality.

Trends in Structural Steel for Your Home (Why Choose Structural Steel?)

Prioritizing quality, efficiency, and durability across the entire fabrication and installation process, we want our steel products to surpass your expectations and provide steel structures that stand the test of time.

Explore Open Spaces with Residential Structural Steel
Discover the appeal of residential structural steel for open-concept living. Incorporate steel beams and columns for spaciousness and flexibility, with integrated steel elements such as cantilevers for a touch of modern sophistication.

Sophistication Meets Modernity in Residential Steel
Enjoy the timeless appeal of steel in your luxury home for many years to come. Its sleek design blends seamlessly with contemporary styles, offering smooth surfaces and reflective properties. Integrate steel into railings, awnings, shade structures, breezeways and more for a cohesive look.

Weather and Insect Resistance
Residential structural steel is resistant to moisture, rot, and decay. Quality steel can withstand harsh weather and protects against pests. Lower your home maintenance costs and ensure a longer lifespan for your investment.

Eco-friendly Steel
Steel is an excellent alternative to wood beams and columns, which saves our precious old(er)-growth trees. Environmentally-conscious homeowners are using steel materials instead of wood for many structural components and aesthetic features. Also, steel is endlessly recyclable. Old-growth trees, not so much.

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Partner with a residential steel fabricator in Southern Arizona who understands your vision.

Residential Structural Steel Services

  • Columns – Wide Flange
  • Columns – Tube
  • Anchor Bolts / Templates
  • Beams – Wide Flange
  • Beams – Tube
  • Shade Structures
  • Staircases
  • Saddles
  • Plates
  • Embeds
  • Lintels
  • Awnings
  • Pergolas

With a steadfast commitment to exceeding expectations, R&R STEEL FAB INC is the partner of choice for General Contractors, Architects, Engineers, and Luxury Home Owners seeking top-tier steel fabrication and erection services that transform architectural dreams into dream homes.

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