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Our philosophy has always been to fabricate steel right, make it look good, and fit it with precision. Whether we’re working on residential, commercial, or custom steel projects, we can be your trusted partner for excellence and accuracy.

We also strive to build long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees — cementing our reputation as a company that cares.

Regarded as a reliable industry partner to general contractors, engineers, project managers, and architects, we’re the ‘go-to company’ when you want the job done right.

Meet the R&R STEEL FAB INC Team

Robert Gil, President

Robert Gil, a hands-on steel fabricator, steel builder, and a veteran, brings a straightforward approach to steel fabrication. Drawing inspiration from his father, Louis, Robert believes in finding the most effective and efficient solutions to every project. His vision-oriented mindset allows him to understand the purpose and function of each steel part we fabricate, resulting in top-quality outcomes.

Known for his ingenuity and stellar reputation in the steel community, Robert consistently demands excellence from his team and sets the bar high in achieving superior craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. With his relentless drive and attention to detail, Robert is a master of steel fabrication.

Bobby Gil, Operations Manager

Bobby Gil is a promising future leader in the steel fabrication industry. Shaped by the values instilled by his father, Bobby embodies humility, compassion, and resilience.

With over 15 years of experience in the steel business under his father’s guidance, Bobby has now forged his own path and has developed a unique perspective in the way he envisions the build and integrates the plans into the job site. In his own right, Bobby has become an expert in steel fabrication and erection. He exhibits exceptional interpersonal skills, tactfully navigating client relations, and aligning the team’s efforts on both large and small-scale projects.

Howard Blum, Treasurer

Howard Blum, a seasoned businessman and financial expert, joined R&R STEEL FAB INC. with the intention of driving the company’s success even further, ensuring a future as strong as the steel products Robert and Bobby produce.

With a background in accounting, corporate taxation, and asset-based lending, Howard brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. As a lifelong scholar, Howard combines short-term focus, long-term perspective, and sharp strategic insights to take R&R to the next level.

Our Process

We receive a call or an email to tell us about the project, where it is, a timeline for commencement and completion, how the parts will be used, and a drawing or plans for us to study the specifications.

We determine if we can meet the requirements in terms of time and build, and then estimate the cost.

This process entails gathering information to understand how the steel will be used and how to put it together, what the site looks like, and what equipment is necessary to erect or install the parts.

Discussions ensure we have an understanding of what the customer wants and expects, and the customer has an understanding of how we intend to go about executing the fabrication and installation.

Once we have a meeting of the minds, we execute a contract specifying in detail the parts to be fabricated and whether they are to be installed or delivered.

The contract specifies what plans, drawings, measurements, and site inspections we relied on to make the proposal and accept the order – specifically, what is included and excluded, who’s paying the sales taxes, the payment terms, and the pre-lien process.

Once the customer accepts the contract, we assign a job number to begin production.

Throughout the steel project, we communicate with the customer and other sub-contractors, as the case may be, to coordinate installation, erection and/or delivery.

We stand by the materials and workmanship as required by statute and, more importantly, by our high standards of ethical practices to ensure safety, compliance with engineering and architectural specifications, government regulations, and meeting the expectations of the customer.

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