Robert Gil

Robert, an A.F. veteran, learned from his father, Louis, a mechanical engineer, to make it simple and find the easiest way to do the job. Robert constantly reminds his shop crew to envision what we’re fabricating and how it will be used. “Then, you’ll know how to make it”, as he says it. When a tribal casino was ready to reopen with a social distancing directive, they asked Robert to fabricate barrier frames for the dealers and side covers for the slots. Robert’s used his singular ingenuity to design a fabrication process, and his reputation, in the steel community, to pull together a team of the best fabricators, to get the job done under the tightest deadline. Robert demands excellence from everyone in his sphere of influence. His acute focus ensures the finished product is artfully crafted, and challenges perfection. Robert’s mastery in steel fabrication sets the mark high. A diverse and complex man, Robert’s drive is relentless and he thrives on attention to detail. He has the persistence and know-how to guide the company on its mission. Robert is One-of-a-kind!


Howard Blum

In November 2019, ready to raise the stakes for the future, Robert called on his retired businessman friend, Howard, to join R & R. Howard is an accountant by education, and in his early career, a corporate taxation practitioner, and then, a financier, who, at 30, was the youngest president of a major asset-based lender. Howard learned the finance business from his father, a leader in the commercial finance industry. Howard spent more than thirty years buying and restructuring distressed businesses. As a lifelong learner through reading, and a daily practitioner of yoga, Howard, brings a short-range focus and long-term perspective to the organization.


Bobby Gil

Bobby Gil is the embodiment of our future leader in training. Humble, compassionate, and tough, Bobbie learned honor and discipline from his father, Robert. Bobbie says he also learned how not to do things from his father, as he prepares himself to captain R & R. He’s a born leader who captained his high school football team and every other sports team he played on. Nurtured along in the steel business for the last 10 + years by Robert, Bobbie is without a doubt, his own man. Insightful about his co-workers, he displays tact in relationships and emotional intelligence in talking to people the right way. As he says it...get everybody on the same page and do the best you can. He’s a powerhouse!