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Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication

R & R Steel Fabrication presents custom industrial, commercial, manufacturing and residential steel fabrication services to the residents and business of the Tucson, Arizona vicinity.
We have built custom structural and hollow posts for lighting, billboards and even business marquee signs along with helping a variety of customers to achieve their steel fabrications dreams.

Custom Awnings


Whether you are interested in cable-supported or free-floating steel awnings, we have the ability and experience to give your entrance a facelift that will seem to defy physics by using custom steel fabrication techniques.

Security Cages


High-rise construction and other applications require the use of elevated security cages to allow employees to work at safe elevations. Our experience in designing structurally sound and stable security cages will give you peace of mind that you have the safest cage available.

Steel Coating


Not only do we manufacture your product to your custom specifications, we have the ability to provide coating services that will withstand the elements and stand up to everyday wear and tear, significantly decreasing your regular aesthetic maintenance requirements.

Hand and Guard Rails


You see tubular railing in an array of commercial and industrial applications. We properly manufacture these railing systems to meet your needs including the ability to specify the diameter, height and length of straight runs without interruption.

Manufacturing and Industrial Custom Parts

We have extensive experience in designing and fabricating custom material handling carts, tool and product mounts and structural columns to satisfy your specific steel fabrication needs.

Regardless of the nature of your steel fabrication needs, R & R Steel Fabrication is willing to meet with you and provide a quote detailing a specific budget, time frame and details of services provided. Call us today for more information!