Many a time, Robert has scraped the end product for a less than obvious deviation from specification. He thinks about the customer and how the customer will think of him and his company. His consideration for the customer aligns with his penchant for honor and reputation, and sincere thoughtfulness for others. That’s why we start by assessing the product and how it will be used. Whether it’s steel columns or a saddle or channel beam or I-beam, how it fits in place is the critical path to our build process. So, first we (1) REVIEW the DRAWINGS and the SCOPE. Next, we (2) THINK through it; imagining the the final fabricated steel component and how it will be erected. Sometimes, this involves a site visit to see the territory. A map is not the territory. If it looks doable, we (3) 3-D MODEL the parts and build a CUT LIST. (4) MATERIAL COSTING from our partners (that’s what we call our vendors) comes next. (5) Then, it’s back to THINKING OUT shop fabrication and handling to ESTIMATE SHOP LABOR. Next (6) we CALCULATE our CONSUMABLES and EQUIPMENT STRESS to add these costs into the process. Then, its (7) IMAGINING FIELD ERECTION...what’s the simplest way to put it up with structural soundness...what’s the landscape...what lifting equipment will work...what are the safety far is the job site...what can go wrong...Once, we put a price on the field work, the final estimate is ready to (8) PRESENT, and DISCUSS with the CUSTOMER. If it all makes sense to our customer, we (9) WELD it to AWS SPECIFICATIONS, as we thought it out and imagined it. Reality bites the dream, so we go with the flow and keep (10) TWEAKING our PROCESS for efficiency, exactitude, squareness, tolerance, and dimensional accuracy to drawings and field erection. Finally, after (11) WELDING and QUALITY INSPECTIONS, the product almost ready to field the finished product. If called for, we (12) PRIMER the product with a coat of resilient paint. Finally, the DELIVERABLE finished product is ready for the job site. We (13) IDENTIFY the SKILLS and CERTIFICATIONS necessary to aggregate the right field crew for the erection job. Our trusted equipment partners (14) DELIVER LIFTING EQUIPMENT to the job site. On the job site and back at home base after field work, the entire R & R team huddle together to assess and (15) REASSESS FIELD ERECTION to ensure structural integrity and on-time performance. Throughout our process, we keep the customer in the loop with regular (16) COMMUNICATION of our progress and unforeseen events. We do everything in our power to finish (17) ON SCHEDULE. We take pride in our work so a job well done deserves celebration for our thoughtful execution and our concerted team effort.