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R & R Steel Fabrication in Tucson, Arizona is the area's leading supplier of steel fabricated products, including steel services like welding and steel fencing manufacturing.

As a custom fabrication company, we believe that if you can dream up the project then we can fabricate it for you. In the past, we have built complete cable-supported steel awnings with custom lettering, full I-beam and structural support systems for commercial businesses and even a curved receptionist's workstation. When we say there is nothing we can't do, me mean it.

Founded in January of 1998 by Robert Gil in his southwestern Tucson garage for friends and family, he has successfully built a true American-owned and operated steel fabrication company. R & R Steel Fabrication is proud of our diverse client base including local governments and individuals that range through every demographic in the Tucson, AZ locale.

R & R Steel Fabrication gladly takes on projects for individuals. We will work with you on an individual basis throughout your design, fabrication, welding and steel coating operation until your project's completion. We take significant pride in seeing a project being completed and guarantee your satisfaction in your quality and value that we present and attribute to helping your achieve success.

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